July 1, 2022

Philosophy and Mission.

3rd Millennium Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.  has a mission to provide superior insurance and financial products to consumer entities in the commercial, non-profit, public, and private sectiors. 

We operate from a pair of core beliefs.  We believe that, whether viewed as a "good thing" or an "unfortunate reality",  



This atmosphere has led us to an "AGE OF SPEED",  where solutions are expected immediately.

To achieve these self-interests, there is a need for every commercial enterprise (including non-profits and public entities) to provide adequate products and services to it's end users, and 

     a) protect and preserve the entity's assets  
     b) provide for the indemnification of injured or aggrieved clients when found liable
     c) have access to capital when needed  

To be and stay competitive, solving the problems associated with the aforementioned interests should be implemented, 

       a) quickly 
       b) effectively 
       c) economically

3rd Millennium operates as both a Retail Broker and limited Wholesale Broker specializing in Commercial and Not-For-Profit risks.  We do offer personal lines of insurance for  a narrowly defined niche clientele. We serrvice clients directly, or through a select group of appointed agents.

A critical element of our business model is to build a trusted relationship with our clients, retail partners, and partner companies.  We wish to make our clients feel both comfortable with, and confident in, our ability to act as supplier AND consultant.  It is our goal to assist both retail clients and independent agents in the procurement of insurance and financial products and services at advantageous pricing.  We seek out the best companies and strategies to offer appropriate solutions to insurance and financial needs at the the best price, AND least amount of time as possible.  As professionals, we will help assess needs and offer a variety of insurance and financial products to choose from.

Simply stated, we feel that when our clients and partners prosper, we in turn prosper.  We feel that the more we can help the people we deal with, the better it will be for us.

3rd Millennium Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.was formed in 1994 in New Orleans, LA. and our principals have over 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industry.

We hold licenses in and operate in the states of
 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas.

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